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Uniting Businesses to Restore our Planet

Our Restorative Coalition aims to bring together action-oriented and purpose-driven companies to embed nature restoration into business and contribute to the healing of our planet. 

Our mission is to create transformative change to heal our planet. We believe that by working together, we can take meaningful action to restore nature while inspiring others to do the same.

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veritree connects businesses with trusted tree & kelp planting projects to restore nature

Proud restorative partner of these brands


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Why act now?

Nature, when thriving, is the foundation of our economy, backbone of our communities, and future of humanity and all things living. Today nature is declining at an unprecedented rate.

One million of the world's estimated 8 million species of plants and animals are threatened with extinction. 
Earth's temperature has risen by about 2° F creating cascading impacts on nature, climate, and communities.
Ocean acidification has increased by about 30% since the Industrial Revolution, posing a severe threat to marine life.

What's the commitment?

We're asking that you join us by embedding restoration into the framework of your business and committing to continue your restorative journey to do more good than harm.

Learn about your business’ and society’s impact on nature 
Embed nature’s restoration into your business
Declare your own restorative goal
Become an advocate for a restorative economy that puts nature first

By joining our Restorative Coalition

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You are reinforcing that you’re purpose driven


You are investing in the future of our planet


You are inspiring a restorative economy

Three ways your business can take meaningful restorative action with us


A Higher Standard of Impact

veritree's innovative tech platform brings accountability to restoration

We exist to connect businesses with verified tree planting projects all around the world. Ensuring that the expected impacts of our initiatives, like carbon sequestration or enhanced biodiversity, are measured and reported on.


The OG Restorative Business

tentree was created to pioneer restoration

Their model was simple. Ten trees were planted for every product sold. They continued to improve and progress on their sustainably journey - learning more about their dependencies and impact along the way. 

Today, tentree celebrates their 7th year of being B Corp certified with a score of 136.2, a sustainability leader in the fashion industry. 


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